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According to the economic deterio-ration which negatively affected the medicine prices, we thought that we could create an application to exchange unneeded medicines between app users for free, to optimize benefits from sold medicines and reduce the cost as low as possible for low income people and also if medicines are not available in the pharmacies.

We also thought that we could share blood between application users to help as much as possible in survivors, because there are shortages in blood banks, and also there are rare blood types that are hard to find.

In our country, the majority of people are below of poverty line, and inflation rate reached 20.86% at 2018 in parallel of increasing medicines prices in ratio around 50% at some kinds of medicines.


Our application is intended to provide two main services: Medicine donation and Blood donation. The medicine and blood donation sections will connect the donners with patients through a user-friendly interface. Medical supervision on the whole process can be achieved through direct communication between donner and acceptor and Indirect communication between donner and acceptor through an intermediate point such as a pharmacy under the “CSR” corporate social responsibility.

In the medicine donation section, donners will share the medicines available on the application on their profile providing their location and phone number, in order that the medicine will be shown to the patients whenever they search. Also, donners may donate their medicines to pharmacies included through our application as partners, so that the patient could contact the pharmacy to pick up the medicine.